Ricki is a Product Designer with over 15 years of experience working in consumer and enterprise products, having worked with both small and large teams. She is a design generalist, who firmly straddles the line between UX and UI design, a growing leader, and strategist. Passionate about design and technology – she is forever curious and always expanding her knowledge base, most recently earning a certificate in UX Design, and Leadership Fundamentals at IDEO. Ricki began her career as a graphic designer in the publishing industry and segued to the tech industry in 2012. Currently, she works at AT&T as a principal product designer on the Connectivity+ team, part of AT&T's new innovation org, designing and building enterprise voice and cybersecurity products, and helps build and implement design systems. In addition, she mentors students transitioning into tech.

In her non-professional life, Ricki is an avid animal lover, burgeoning gardener, and furniture aficionado.